१ मे २०१७: ​महाराष्ट्र दिनानिमित्त आयोजित “रक्तदान शिबिर” सकाळी ९.०० ते सायंकाळी ५.०० ह्या वेळेत पार पडेल. रक्तदान शिबीर​स्थळ:​पुणे विद्यार्थी गृह१७८६, सदाशिव पेठ, ​SP कॉलेज जवळ.​पुणे-३०.


Bhadray Rajate is a Non Profit organization. www.bhadrayrajate.org. We are team of young enthusiast who believes in Individual Social Responsibilities. “Bhadray Rajate” means for humanity.

Bhadray Rajate is a phrase taken from the Rajmudra of Shivaji Maharaj. It means “For people welfare”.
Bhadray Rajate Pratishthan is a non profit organisation which works with dedication and commitment toward the Welfare of Society.
In mid 2010, the group of young individuals had a thought enthusiastically of Serving Society by some way or other. A couple of small activities like blood donation, tree plantation and etc. was hosted. Good intention of the group attracted many other young and elder once to join and this group got a registered name called “Bhadray Rajate Pratishthan” in 2011.
Today Bhaday Rajate Pratishthan is group of more than 60 educated and enthusiastic people from different parts of Maharashta, India. The whole group is driven by the passion of contribution to the society. The average age of member is 29 years including Engineers, doctors, management professionals, Chartered Accountants, etc.
Bhadray Rajate Pratishthan is registered under Maharashtra Societies Registration act 1860 bearing registration no:MH/230/2011 registered with district registrar of Pune. Bhadray Rajate Pratishthan strongly believes in development than charity and we have strong faith in local people’s capacity and potential to deal with their own issues, if their leadership skills have been facilitated in a right perspective.
Bhadray Rajate Pratishthan aims to achieve highest level of participation from local communities, make them believe in what they have, educate them to improve their educational, economical and social status and give the best to their children & communities.